Freight Information

FOR  RETAIL CUSTOMERS : Earth Products are offering a great deal.

Perth metro area flat $12.50.

Perth metro -  If you would like to pickup your order from Earth Products - just select pickup FREE and once your order has been processed you will recieve an email to arrange a suitable pickup time.

W.A. Country $18.00.

Australia wide (excluding W.A.) $22.50

Because we  manufacture all of our products,we are able to bring high quality products to the market at very affordable prices. Postage is set at an affordable price, in most cases we pay even more than we have charged you. Not to mention packaging materials and time to pack your order safely must come into the equation, we try to recycle these materials to save you money and help the enviroment.  Just driving to you local shopping centre to shop can be quite an experence with the price of fuel now a days, not to mention shop owners have exceptionally high rental leases that must be marked up on to all their goods.Shopping on line has never been easier. Full colour photos, ingredient listing and 24 hours a day shopping when it's convienient for you.