Product Facts

To help maintain the purity and freshness of your new products, they are best kept out of direct sunlight and heat. They are best stored in a cool, darkplace like the bathroom cupboard.

Soaps store well amongst lingerie or bed linen, making them smell wonderful and deterring moths and insects.

When using creams in jars, make sure fingers are clean so not to contaminate ingredients. Sealing the lid firmly also stops air from getting in. When stored and used correctly, creams and lotions should be used within 12 months (once opened) and foot balm and lip balm- 18months. Natural Aromatic soap- should be used within 18 months of purchase. It will keep its wonderful aroma if stored correctly in a closed draw, away from heat. The smell may not be as powerful as time goes on, but when lathered up in the shower/bath its fragrance will soon revitalise your skin and the air.