Natural Soap

Our aromatic soaps are handmade and natural. Made cold pressed method right from scratch. No melt and pour! We guarantee that our soaps are gentle on the skin, without dryness or irritation. Especially good for sensitive skin and skin problems. Our long lasting soaps will meet and surpass your expectations. Customers stating that they are wonderfully surprised how long they last.Much longer than commercially purchased soaps. We use vegetable oil (base) coconut oil (lather) olive oil (softening on skin)lye(purified water/sodium hydroxide)this is dispersed from the soap during the spoonification of the soap,dried flowers, herbs,spices,clay's, occasionally natural colour (food grade)essential oil,fragrant oil.Soap slabs are great value for money! Easy to cut with a large knife,no crumbling!You can use metal cookie cutters to cut shaped soaps.For gift idea's why not pick out a couple of contrasting slabs.Cut into the same size pieces and layer them. Tire with raffia or ribbon.

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