Essential Oils

are the oils derived from plants - stem, flower, leaf, root or bark.Essential oils work when enhaled (oil burners / room sprays / a drop or 2 on a tissue.It is believed the molecules stimulate the scent receptors in the brain which, in turn, trigger a response that influences heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory and hormones. Surveys suggest most of the population purchase essential oils soley as a means to fragrance their home/ office. But as time goes on people also realise the many theraputic qualities of each of the oils. Cleaning with essential oils has become popular and very cost affective, as only very small amounts of oil is required. A drop of lavender oil on the corner of your pillow helps to get a good night sleep.Small aromatherapy books are cheap and can be easily found.They are a world of information. Our essential oils are of a high grade and care should be taken not to over use.Pure essential oils are not recommended during pregnacy due to strong powers.

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