bamboo frosted glass diffuser
Beautiful bamboo base diffuser. Frosted glass top.12 months warranty. below recommended retail price.
$ 100.00

This quality diffuser comes with a 12 month working warranty.

Changes through the colours of the chakra continiously or you can stop on a colour of prefrence. May turn off the light too if using in the bedroom and you dont want light. Simply place water inside to maximum fill line and approx 3 drops of essential oil. press buttom to turm on. Diffuser will turn off automatically when water runs out. Lasts as long as 12 hours.

A beautiful piece of art to look at but also you would be getting the therapuetic benifits of the essential oils to diffuse in it.

DO NOT use synthetic frangrances in this as they are made from chemicals unknown and may blockup the valve. (this would void the warrantly)

I have several of this brand diffusers that have been used daily for over 5 years and still going strong. I regulary do a run with some eucalyptus oil in the water say once a fortnight to keep my valve clean. eucalyptus smells so clean and fresh I enjoy the days I us ethat too.