Pantry Moth Deterrent
10ml bottle or natural ingredients to rid off pantry moths and stop them occurring.
$ 10.00

Ingredients : Penny royal, lavender and citronella essential oil, solbuliser.

This mix of oils has been formulated to use as a preventative as well as a natural form to rid off pantry moths.


As a preventative place the oil onto a cloth or wood and place in pantry so it smells of the oils in this blend. Top up as required - generally every couple of months.

If you have pantry moth the first thing you need to do is to thoughly check all products in your pantry for the little critters. through out the producst that are effecteda nd remember to check ceral boxes for  newly laid lava. Then you need to use a container (maybe an empty icecream conatiner) that you can dispose off after use. place enough warm water into the container and add some drops of the blend to the mix. Place plastic gloves on so you dont smell like the mix later. Emurse a disposable cloth in the solution and ring out, wipe over all containers and shelves killing off the eggs that may have been laid by the moths.Repeat the emursing of the cloth as you go. Leave to dry for a short time and then place back into pantry.