Pet (Natural) healing balm
Formulated using natural ingredients.100gm jar.
$ 15.00
was $ 20.00 before you saved $ 5

 Ingredients ; emulsifying wax, cocoa butter,purified water, preservative.

calendula oil - mild soothing, antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Evening primrose oil - anti-inflammatory

rosehip oil - tissue rejuvinator,vitaminA,C,E.

Vitamin E -antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Essential oils of LAVENDER - anti-septic,combats stress healing , soothing and helps stop scarring.

GERANIUM-aids healing, balances nervous system,relieves anxiety, lifts depression.

CHAMOMILE -soothing and calming, also tissue regeneration properties.

CARROT -Vitamin A -purification properties

TUMERIC -reduces pain, swelling and redness

HELICHRYSUM- speeds healing, regenerates nerves and reduces scar formation.