Wooden hanging - Mandala
A wooden cutout hanging - assorted wooden and metal beads, assorted coloured leatherette to hang from. Comes with tag - how to use - organza bag.
$ 5.00

Place essential oils onto the wooden hanging to enjoy the therapuetiv benefits of the oils. 

Once you have placed the oil onto the hanging it is best to leave wrapped in plastic for the day or over night so the wood can absorb the essential oils.

take off the plastic wrap and hang from door knob (great in toilets) bedroom, warbrobe - from coat hanger (use an essential oil such as lavender or clove or cedarwood to deter any unwanted silverfish or moths). hangin car for a fresh up lifting scent. If vehicle is left in sum all day essential oils will disapate but you can top up as often as required.

Designed to use over and over again. not only eye catching but benefical for a lovey smell or therapuetic benefits.